"Unloading, loading or shipping goods are our main activities. We can offer solutions for multimodal transport"


Durme-Natie is a young talented Handling and Warehousing company in the World of Soft Commodities. Since its foundation in 2006, Durme-Natie has steadily been expanding and is nowadays not only in the Port of Antwerp, but also Nationally and Internationally, a wellknown “player” with clients all over the world. Durme-Natie’s strength is based on each individual highly motivated and experienced member, both on the floor and at the office. The strength of each member is part of the core of the professional homogeneous, administrative and operational team that we are. Our aim is to be always at the side of our customers to satisfy their needs, creating added value while providing a high level of reliability and cost effectiveness.


Durme-Natie BV aims to become a company in which continuous quality and flexibility are the keystones of the service towards its customers. We believe creativity and problem solving are basic values to improve our customer satisfaction.

To achieve these goals we engage ourselves to use a well-thought quality management system in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. We aim to continuously improve by evaluating and re-evaluating this management system. A constant vigilance of the food safety is done through a thorough risk-assessment, keeping traceability of goods and processes on the right track.


Doing this, we will always abide by the ‘compulsory notification’, when we are of the opinion or have reasons to believe that a product which has been imported, produced, reared, grown, processed, manufactured or distributed may be injurious to the health of humans, animals or plants. We are aware of the (food-)safety risks which are involved in our activities and do our utmost best to eliminate them. We abide by the current rules and regulations and respect the demands of our clients. We set conditions to when and how we communicate internally and externally when it comes to food safety.

To sustain this policy and achieve our mission, we look for valuable employees who can act with knowledge and experience thus pursuing the best service for our clients. By continuous coaching, training and evaluation of our people, we assure ourselves that our people stay motivated and alert and that we can continue to serve our clients in a most professional way.